Chicken Nuggets

Around our house, we love chicken nuggets. Not just the kids, either – even the grownups gobble them up! The great thing is that it’s pretty easy to make a gluten free version! We use sweet white rice flour for ours; It’s unique tasting and so yummy.


You need:

* Chicken (breasts or tenders) in chunks
* Egg
* Flour
* Oil (for frying)

Heat the oil in a skillet. Put some flour in a large ziplock bag.  Beat the egg in a bowl.

Cut the chicken in chunks and coat with the egg, then add it to the flour bag. Shake the bag vigorously to cover the chicken with flour, then pour the chicken into the hot oil carefully.

Spread the chicken into a single layer in the pan and cook until browned, turning once.

Remove the chicken when browned and drain on paper towels.


Fish or Chicken Packets

This is one of my favorite meals. I use frozen tilapia filets, and often like to spice mine up a bit with fresh jalapeño slices. I substitute chicken for my husband and youngest, who don’t like fish.


*Fish filets and/or chicken breasts or tenders
*Vegetables (broccoli florets, carrots, and sugar snap peas shown)
*Red potatoes
*Lemon juice
*Butter or margarine
*Spices (fresh chopped or powdered garlic and onion are great)
*Olive oil
*Sea salt

Basically what we will be doing here is creating a foil pouch for each meat and vegetable serving.

For each vegetable packet:
Put one generous serving of mixed vegetables in the center of a piece of foil. Put about half a tablespoon of butter. Drizzle with honey. Seal by rolling up the edges to create a pouch.

For each meat packet:
Put one serving of meat in the center of a piece of foil. Add about a teaspoon of butter. Pour about two tablespoons of lemon juice on top. Spice as desired, and seal up.

Baked potatoes:
Line a baking pan with foil. Place potatoes on foil. Brush with olive oil and sprinkle with salt.

Bake everything on 450 for an hour. Be careful opening packets as they will let out steam.

The potatoes are great with butter, sour cream, salsa, and/or chives.


Nachos – Gluten Free, Diary Free

We love nacho night at our house. Nachos are fast, easy, fun, and tasty! We like to dip ours in a blend of salsa and sour cream; the kids stick with a little medium salsa since their diet is dairy free as well.


Here’s how we make ours:

*Tortilla chips (we use Daily Chef brand)
*1 pound ground beef or turkey
*Shredded cheese or Veggie Cheese slices (the slices melt better than the shredded Veggie Cheese)
*Garlic powder, onion powder, and chili powder (we use Tone’s)
*Toppings (black olives and jalapeños shown)

Brown the meat on the stove. When the meat is browned, add a few tablespoons of each of the seasonings, to taste. Add about half a cup of water and cook until most of the water is gone. Meanwhile, prepare the chips.

For regular cheese, line a baking sheet with foil. For non-dairy veggie cheese, use a microwave safe plate (no foil).

Cover the plate with a single layer of chips. A little overlap is fine.

Sprinkle shredded cheese or ripped veggie cheese onto the chips.

Add the seasoned meat and optional toppings. We like to add red pepper flakes to ours for extra spice, but leave it off the kids’ portion.

For shredded cheese, cook in the oven until the cheese is melted. For veggie cheese, microwave for 30 seconds.

Done! Enjoy.